Three cheers for science

Second night of sleeping for more than nine hours, thanks to sleeping tablets. It’s been six weeks since I had more than intermittent good nights of sleep and just two nights of decent sleep have already made a difference physically and emotionally.

There’s not the dread of waking at three to watch the clock slowly turn until morning. Or worse not being able to get to sleep until four.

Long term insomnia makes me ratty and slightly (!) deranged and I’m sure it’s not good for me physically either. For someone who has always slept like a log it’s a particular torture. I’ve always thought that enough sleep was one of the keys to a happy life and in my current situation that’s even more the case.

Science and particularly medicine get a bad rap these days, it’s as though alternative health ideas are valid per se without any rigorous testing. We who are seriously ill are particularly vulnerable to the wilder theories out there.The medical profession and scientists in general are not  some dark force trying to stop us from knowing what will make us better.  If you believe that ground lavender soaked in guinea pig sweat will cure you, fine. Just don’t try to make me inhale it.

So three cheers for sleeping tablets and the scientists who worked so hard to help me sleep.



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