Vampire on the train

Got on a train yesterday on the way to another medical appointment, feeling tired and dispirited and was hit by a wave of energy. A class of seven year olds were coming back from an outing. All wearing paper crowns decorated with leaves and flowers and sitting quietly, with teachers cheerfully keeping an eye on them.

The vitality in that train was unbelievable; pure life force, we could all feel it. The other commuters like me, just grinned with joy. The kids ate weird combinations of lunches and chatted happily with their teachers, who also seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I had to get off before they did and was tempted to stay on the train; it felt like a secret passage into another world that we adults, and me in particular, have mostly lost. We recognise it still though, the simple joyful delight in life itself. My lovely friend Peter would have been sketching them for all he was worth.

Felt a bit like a vampire though.



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