Rush hour observations

Another day another scan. Up earlier than usual and hit the rush hour on the tube. Realise that the going to work crowd play by different rules and they are mystifying when you are out of the loop.

When did walking along eyes riveted to your smartphone become a thing? Is this a new step in human evolution? If so it’s a weird one as it doesn’t seem to coordinate with the ability not to bump into people or have near misses. Whereas the young man reading a paperback as he walked along had clearly evolved to read, walk and avoid at the same time.

When did twirly moustaches become a thing? I don’t see them in my normal walking around, but this morning  I counted half a dozen. Maybe it’s a Thursday thing.

When did bright young twenty somethings stop standing up for people on the tube? I have a stick people and I know you’re busy thinking about the day ahead and how to climb that greasy pole, but really?

Get to the hospital feeling a bit battered by rush hour and mildly sorry for myself. Young lad of about six getting out of cab with his mum. He’s bald, cannulas in his arm and very frail, Mum has suitcase and the look of someone only just hanging on. Makes me get a grip.

When did being high at 10 am become a thing? Stop  to have a coffee and the woman at the table next to me is clearly off her head. She looks like she might keel over at any moment, so I alert the manager, but he’s already spotted her.

When did my stick become a flirting as well as a walking aide? Stop off to buy the necessaries for my luxury trifle and a very good-looking  Frenchman offers to help with putting the pound in the trolley to release it. I’ve never been one for the damsel in distress look and even less so since I’ve been seriously ill. I smile, thank him and refuse. He looks downcast. Flirting has kind of gone to the back of the queue in my skills set since I’ve been ill; but if there are handsome, flirty Frenchmen on the loose, perhaps I need to reconsider.





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