We’re here to stay

A local festival and a school steel marching  band  goes past, to the delight of everyone who sees them. They’re made up of young black, white and Asian children and are followed by two primary schools dressed in rather mysterious capes and then local people in national costumes from all over the world. It’s noisy and joyous and we all stop what we’re doing to watch and smile; I’m half way through recycling the week’s newspapers, tourists stop and take pictures, people drinking outside the pub stand up and cheer.

In this week of hatred, when a great local MP was murdered,it strikes me with full force what a great, mixed city and country we are. Me with my Irish and French parents, watching a marching band of children full of life with different ethnic inheritance, all making up the rich pattern of this country.

You can’t kill us all, we’re here to stay.


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