Bouncing back

I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to, some of the elasticity has gone. In the past if I’d worked my socks off during the week, a complete day of rest would have done it, now it’s more like two.

So yesterday I had a good sleep and lie in and then did a big shop for the week ahead. Lots of hospital visits ahead this week and I need to be able to just come home and eat nice food. If it’s not in the house, the temptation is to fast forward straight to junk. So the fridge has a whole chicken, good bacon, smoked salmon and then eggs, great bread etc.

The nearest I get to ready meals are those new pouches of mixed grains, spelt and rice, wheat and lentils and quinoa. Don’t really approve of them, would rather cook my own, but at the moment they’re practical and I always seem to cook too much of any grain and  end up resenting them after three days. The pouches are more expensive but I get two meals out of them.

Lots of tinned fruit and beans, creamed rice and ice cream for the very bad days and frozen veg, plus fresh leeks, avocados, cauliflower for a mac and cheese, tomatoes and the hated broccoli. I love veg but hate broccoli so it’s my offering to the health gods. Yes I know it’s good for me but it’s a close relation to sprouts which are the devil’s own food.

Then I had lunch with a pal and came home for a good long nap and stayed in bed and read. Also got in a good provision of library books so am not going to run out.

Today I was still dog tired, so after breakfast went back to bed and slept and read most of the day. Feeling better now so time to roast that chicken.

A gentle bounce to see me through until bedtime.


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