Arm wrestling

GP and hospital today, but first there is the arm wrestling. I’ve recently had a small op on my right arm and stitches are still in, so am not supposed to get it wet. Also having to use a special soap at the moment which involves a flannel. I’m right-handed. Still haven’t worked out how to hold flannel, shower head, wash and rinse without getting my right arm wet.

My hair needs a wash, but I also have to use a special shampoo and not get my right arm wet. So ablutions involve much bad language and spraying of the rest of the bathroom.

GP visit goes fine, she’s kind and solicitous as always. Get paper on the way back and the man behind the counter looks at me in alarm and asks what’s happened. How long have you got I think, but he means the stick, he’s only just noticed it. I’ve had it since Christmas, just got a bad leg, will be better soon I hope, I mumble. Should I be pleased that  he’s only just noticed, or does he need an urgent eye test?

Time for coffee and crossword before heading off to hospital again.


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