The hard yards and chinks of light

Have been at the hospital every day for the last couple of weeks for treatment, which has left me pretty exhausted and unable to eat much. So I’ve been trying to pick up chinks of light as the days pass; they’re few and far between so it’s like finding a beautiful shell as you walk along the seashore in bare feet.

A doctor pal came over for a cuppa yesterday and some much needed medical moral support. It was great to see her and she brought with her some macaroons and ginger and hazelnut dark chocolate. Result!

Flocks of children on the tube have delighted me with their enthusiasm for life, when I’m finding it hard to muster any at all. Yesterday I got up and inadvertently leant on two young girls’ fingers as the train pulled into the station. I apologised and they smiled so sweetly at me.

Cheese on toast, bananas, yoghurt and eggs are my staples now, the thought of anything green or healthy, which I’d usually love, is unbearable.

The lovely man who runs our local Turkish restaurant and who’s been flooded out with the recent tropical rainstorms gives me a daily update as I walk past. They’re well on the way to opening again – I reassure him that his customers will be knocking the door down to support him.

And as always the nursing staff – encouraging, concerned and efficient.

Not many chinks of light, but they’re getting me through the hard yards.

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