Simple pleasures

Following on from yesterday and the importance of celebrating life as the best way to counter the nihilistic death culture that manifested in Nice, today has been a day of simple pleasures. Texts to friends on the best way to make a potato salad (minus garlic for picky parents), planning a trip to the seaside, sitting in the sunshine in the garden doing the crossword, tea and blueberry brioche with another pal, excellent Beck Swedish detective film.

Heartbreaking interview online with a mother and daughter caught up in the Nice tragedy. The mother said she just ran and forgot all about her husband; she said she felt terribly guilty afterwards, but her first instinct was to make sure they were safe. They all survived and the husband bore her no resentment. The daughter, about fourteen and clearly still shocked, said she felt it was now her duty to live, laugh and smile for those whose lives had been cut short. What a wonderful sentiment.

So simple pleasures today, but each one a celebration of life.


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