Roosting chickens

Did a big shop today, more colour for the diet: red peppers, avocados, kale, carrots, tomatoes, mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, the full summer palette. Got to the till and there was a woman a couple of shoppers ahead of me doing that really annoying thing of  being surprised that she had to pay for her shopping, taking ages to get her purse out, count out the exact change and generally annoy the rest of us.

When it came to my turn I put the shopping efficiently in my trolley, but when it came to pay I found I didn’t have my loyalty card. I had a coupon for a fiver off, but the woman at the till said I couldn’t use it. I protested. No tutting in the queue, but folded arms from the next customer with a certain amount of eye rolling. Supervisor resolves issue. It then takes me about thirty seconds to line up my trolley, the supermarket trolley and stick. Next customer’s eyeballs in danger of falling out and rolling across the floor.

I have become that annoying customer in the queue. I hear the cluck cluck of chickens coming home to roost.


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