Rain doesn’t stop play

Not been well for a week or so, but now on the mend. Weird thing about serious illness is it’s so unpredictable. Not just from day to day but from hour to hour. Hardest thing to get used to in a long list of difficulties.

I’ve always been an owl rather than a lark, so mornings not my favourite time. But now I wake after a good night’s sleep and generally feel rough, hangover rough, though I no longer drink alcohol. Getting up and about, having a shower and getting dressed takes a couple of hours, sometimes I just have to go back to bed with weariness.

Things get better as the day goes on though, so after 12 I’m able to resemble a pretty normal day. Peak normality around six and some good hours of reading, sorting, living in the evening.

But then something else gets thrown in the mix – this last fortnight has been an absolute inability to eat vegetables or pretty much any fruit. Normally I would easily eat my seven a day, so eating none has been weird and challenging. A diet of toast, cereal, yoghurt and eggs is fine but rather dull. Needing to be in emergency range of a bathroom at all times is no fun.

And then that passes too and normal service is resumed. So today went out to do various tasks and got wet. Felt great. Wet like everyone else. Rain doesn’t stop play.


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