Vampire supplies

Just back from a big shop as the nephew coming to stay for a few days and he eats  as only a  young man can. My appetite is pretty rubbish these days; mostly I eat toast, cereal, yoghurt, soup, eggs and fruit. My love of cooking seems to have gone walkies too, I look in my cupboard and the exotica of quinoa, couscous, even rice just seems too much.

I return with meat based meals – ham, steaks, chips, veg and ice cream. We’ll fit in a meal out at the local Turkish too and a trip to the cinema. When he was about ten, we went up to town to see a film and stocked up in the local Pret first. I warned him not to show the popcorn and drinks before we got into the film.”Are we smuggling?” he asked with delight.

I love his exuberance for life, his can do, will do approach. I do feel a bit of a vampire though, feeding on his extraordinary life force.


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