Message in a bottle

Get up at the crack of dawn (for me) so that I can make a doctor’s appointment for a friend who is hard of hearing. Have breakfast and then wondering whether to go back to bed for a while as feeling my normal morning dog rough.

I idly click on my emails and there is the message in a bottle. An email from someone I worked with a couple of years ago and who heard the news and didn’t quite know what to say. But has now decided to email my work email, not knowing if it’s still valid, hence the message in a bottle.

It’s sympathetic, complementary and kind. Concerned that he might say something trite or crass, but of course he doesn’t. Complementary about the support and help I gave him at work. And he attaches delightful pictures of his new wife and baby.

It’s a real tonic on a grim morning and makes me think about all the messages in all the bottles I need to send. Whether or not they reach their destination.

So even if you say the wrong thing or put your foot in it, who cares? Don’t leave words unspoken.

It really is the thought that counts.


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