Expiry date

Just ordering some train tickets and other stuff online and have to key in my bank card expiry date. Makes me laugh. Will I expire before my bank card in 2018? More than likely.

Wonder how much it would change our lives if we knew our expiry dates for certain. Watching people in the station yesterday, so busy busy busy with their lives. How would they change if the clock were ticking? Which of course it always is, though we generally put it to the back of our minds.

But when your clock is ticking very loudly, as it will with serious illness, what difference does it make to carping the diem? It turns out, surprisingly, not much at all. You’re caught in a contradiction, wanting to squeeze as much joy out of life as possible while subject to the restrictions that illness puts upon you.

The joy and sadness do have a particular intensity, but mostly you just try and get through the days one at a time, till the card expires.


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