Old skills

Today has been a planning day for some training I’m helping with. We have a problem finding a venue so I turn on the old skills and we find one in an hour or so and go and check it out. Then we plan the day itself.

I realise that years of planning and production mean that I’m very good at this lark, I anticipate and understand the pitfalls, see potential difficulties before they cause trouble, oil the wheels of the various relationships that need to run smoothly.

It’s immensely satisfying and a skill I take for granted. I’m working with someone who hasn’t done much of this before and is a very fast learner; it’s great to hand on the skills.

Have to walk more than usual to inspect the potential venue, teach a class and then do some shopping. So by the end of the shop I have to sit for a while on the halt and lame seats at the exit. Interesting place to watch the flow of human shoppers. I gather my strength and make it back home for a well-earned snack and nap. Strange time to eat avocado and a banana, but regular meal times have pretty much disappeared these days. I eat when I’m hungry, which is almost never at meal times. Apart from breakfast of course, which is the quid pro quo for hauling myself out of bed.

So the old skills are still there ready and waiting to be useful. And when they emerge, a glimpse of the old me briefly sees the light of day. There’s comfort and delight in that as well as a twinge of sorrow.


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