Advice to a young person on a train

Coming out to catch a train in the early evening and a warm autumn sun washes over me. Delightful reminder of summer days but a toned down version which makes me want to walk in the sunshine not the shade. The gentle heat feels like a warm blanket, rather than the fierce blow torch of last week. A reminder that summer is nearly gone and we need to relish all this sunshine.

Get on a packed train with my stick and a row full of teenagers and people in their early twenties. There’s no way I can stand all the way back, so I’m just about to ask one of them to give me their seat when an older woman offers me hers which I accept gratefully.

Not one of them looks up during the whole journey. I know life seems endlessly full of promise at that age, but every day is so precious, every warm autumn sun to be relished.

Young people – look up from your phones!



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