A few days away

Down at the seaside for a few days, to have a bit of a break and see Mum. It’s a scramble getting to the station with my suitcase and stick and realise I can’t take a coffee on the train any more as I don’t have a free hand. First world problems.

It’s a couple of hours on the train and we pass through Mum’s old home station. I think of the hundreds of times I got off here, when Mum would come and pick me up and feel sad. Then the train stops in front of the local Lidl and  I burst into tears. So full of memories and I never need shop there again. Don’t want to alarm the other passengers so I eat the yoghurt I brought with me and concentrate on the crossword.

I’ve booked a luxury double with balcony and it’s simply beautiful. The sea is yards away and it does my heart and soul good just to watch and hear the waves. Dinner in the hotel is one of those strange English meals, less than the sum of its parts. Then the sleep of the just.



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