Maitre d’

Any hotel is only as good as the staff who keep the wheels turning. The central role is the maitre d’ and the one in this hotel is extraordinary. Seating and organising upwards of a hundred people for breakfast and dinner is done so smoothly, you barely notice the shepherding.

He has the slightly world weary air of someone who has seen all of humanity process through his domain. Knights and knaves, wanderers and wizards, geezers and geishas would all get the same polite ushering.

There’s no doubt about his authority, you wouldn’t want to cross him, but you would definitely want him on your side in times of trouble. His accent is difficult to place, central European? I suspect he’s comfortable in half a dozen languages.

He notices everything, at one point there is a run on the sausages and he goes to the kitchen himself to sort it out and find a fresh tray. The server is a little lost, confused by the the endless requests. Maitre d’ tells him, ‘ Look at the mushrooms, nearly out, go to the kitchen and warn them.’ And then the pearl of wisdom, ‘Work forwards not backwards.’

Not a bad motto for life.

Master indeed.





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