Back from my lovely break on the coast – only four days but it made all the difference. I got to walk along the promenade, watch the waves for hours and spend valuable time with Mum.

Realised that I hadn’t had a break at all this year, apart from a weekend away in Eastbourne. Christmas saw me knocking at the pearly gates and the summer was spent clearing and selling Mum’s house.

So it was simply wonderful to get away and made me realise that part of the reason holidays are so important is that they allow you to physically put your present life on hold and live a slightly different life. Moving somewhere else, even for a short time, gives perspective, time to take stock and clear headinesses about the life one is living. Even if it’s not the life one would choose.

Several people have commented on how much lighter I feel and sound, as though some of the darkness of the last months has been washed away by the seaside.

Came across a wonderful Seamus Heaney quote, ‘ How perilous to choose not to love the life we’ve been shown.’ Ahem.

Re-entry is strange as ever. Coming back through the hurly burly of  a mainline station, which I would normally take in my stride, it seemed to be teeming with people rushing around at breakneck speed. After the calm of the seaside it seemed a strange way to live. Reminded me of a time on the Paris metro on my way to work, squashed in as usual. Some farmers going to an exhibition got on, looked around in amazement and said, ‘How can you bear to do this every day?’.

Mind you I literally bumped into a woman bishop in full rig at the mainline station, she gave me a beaming smile. Don’t see many of those (women bishops, not smiles) at the seaside.



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