Culture club

Mondays have been the hardest day of the week recently; a deep breath to nothing in particular when the rest of the world is getting on with things. The black cloud has been at its darkest and it’s been a huge effort just to get out of bed. What for?

Now that darkness has thankfully lifted, but Mondays can still be a struggle. So a very good friend and I have instigated a Monday culture club. Mid-morning trip to a museum or gallery followed by lunch. It’s been great, we’re working our way through all those exhibitions you mean to see and never get round to.

Today it was the Bjork installation at Somerset House. First go at virtual reality, headsets and headphones took us right into Bjork’s Icelandic landscapes and imagination. Stunning, immersive, overwhelming, out there, unbelievably creative. We were left gasping and giggling at her creativity. The staff couldn’t have been kinder in helping me navigate the different rooms, providing me with chairs.

An hour or so of what art should be: moving, thoughtful, creative, surprising. I took off my headset each time, surprised that there was a real world to come back to. Laughed with childlike delight when I realised if I turned my head with the headset on, I could enter a 360 degree Icelandic world.

Then choir tonight, cold and dark drawing in and our singing suffered with the cold. But a creative day and a cultural kick in the teeth for Monday.


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