Yes, well, not much to celebrate really, but the beauty of this month’s full moon has me entranced. I can all too easily focus on the negative these days, so time to appreciate the positive. From the micro to the macro – so I took a different bus route today to cross London and it was intriguing to go down an unfamiliar route. Why is it that really posh shops all have doormen – is it because the rich have lost the use of their limbs?

A trip to the Royal Opera House with my cultural Monday pal – another far out experience, ‘The Nose’. Plot is main character loses nose and spends opera trying to find it. Yes limited. But extraordinary to see the choreography, costumes and sheer splendour of the Opera House. Got a cab there and we were stuck in traffic, the cabbie asked me what time I needed to be there and I told him – we were cutting it fine. Are you singing? No I wouldn’t be this calm if I were. But was quite charmed that he thought I might be an opera singer. Next week we’ve vowed to come back down to earth in the cultural stakes.

And today to the V and A with another pal to see a wonderful embroidery exhibition. Highlight for me was a lovely Virgin figure playing with a Christ child. Never seen that before. Why is that exhibitions never have postcards of the best exhibits?

We followed it up with sushi to celebrate her new research grant working with Japanese Kategami – now there’s a slow art movement. I’ve become a slow art movement all of my own – a living installation, not sure what the title should be – Sloth Life with Stick?

And coffee with my new pal and delight in a friendship that has sprung magically to life. Good friend coming to lunch tomorrow so now off to make a lentil and chicken soup.

So not just the moon to celebrate.




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