Dance me to the end of love.

Have spent most of today in tears, following the death of Leonard Cohen. Happy and sad tears. The soundtrack of the life of anyone who has loved, lost, had their heart broken. A poet of what it means to be alive and feeling. ‘Suzanne’ came on the radio and I knew all the words, not just the words but the intonation and pauses. Learned to play the guitar with those chords.

So many people today have mentioned him to me and how he expressed the pain and joy in their lives. Walking down the street singing Hallelujah, a man coming in the opposite direction was singing Suzanne and we just looked at each other and smiled.

A fine performer too, with great lyrics :

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love.”

Watched the many performances of Hallelujah on youtube, including K.D Laing performing in front of the master. But nothing beats Leonard Cohen himself singing it. And his smile at the end.

But hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.


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