Happy poignant

Off to see Mum for a couple of days tomorrow, can’t wait. Miss seeing her for all sorts of reasons: her Mumness, our closeness which is now more of a distance as she doesn’t hear well on the phone and can’t operate Skype on her own, our Frenchness – we have always spoken French to one another and now that we don’t speak every day, I’m hardly speaking French at all, how the loss of regular contact with her represents all the other losses, her sense of humour and delight in the world, now much restricted but still roused by photos and the right kind of biscuit. So it will be a happy and poignant few days, which is a change from the current sad and poignant that life seems to be.

A pal sent me this version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, sung by a crowd. If you don’t cry watching this, you’re not human. It’s a fun new game I’m having with same pal and her husband, a list of films, books and music which if they don’t make you cry, you’re not human.

One gets one’s fun where one can these days.


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