Grizzle and smile

Had another bad night last night, no particular reason, they come as unexpected and unwelcome visitors. Listened to the radio, on and off, dozed and then took the other half of my sleeping pill about 2.30 before finally falling asleep.

So this morning slept in even later than usual after the meds and a nod to breakfast. Then needed some shopping so levered myself out of the house, still stiff as a board from the tumble a couple of days ago. Strong wind blowing and odd feeling that I might be blown off my feet like tumbleweed. A bit lightheaded and then realise it’s nearly three and I haven’t really eaten anything, so stop off for a sandwich and a coffee. The staff are more than usually conversational and cheerful and it has the opposite effect on me, I just want to quietly grizzle and moan.

Manage to contain it though and then the most delightful two year old and her nanny come and sit at my table. The little one has a mini cup of hot milk and chocolate and guzzles it down, getting a chocolate beard and moustache in the process. Nanny  is clearly happy to have an adult to chat to and we talk about nothing in particular. Little girl is fascinated by my stick and I explain I have a bad leg and need it to walk.

Her joy in life is completely infectious and as I head back to the shops, I’m grateful to have met her and her extraordinary life force. She watches me solemnly as I walk to the door and then waves and smiles goodbye.


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