Power cut

Another strange, unpredictable week. Three days of pretty much normal activity; I’ve been getting up earlyish for me these days, around nine, taking the meds, having breakfast and then resisting going back to bed. So the day proper is in motion by ten rather than by lunchtime as more recently. Means I get more done and perhaps more importantly, am more in sync with the normal world. So sleeping well, having a lie down but not the two to three hour nap, as of late and eating well and trying to walk more.

Feeling rather pleased with myself as the days have included trips to the cinema, a musical concert and coffees and lunches with friends.

Thursday morning I wake up feeling as though someone has unplugged me from the mains. I barely have the energy to lift my head from the pillow. Having slept through the night, I spend most of the day fast asleep, only waking to have drinks of tea or water and trips to the bathroom.

I come to around 4, but there’s not way I can go to my evening meeting, so I call to apologise. Around 7 I realise I’m hungry and have only eaten a banana all day. So I cook myself some healthy food and then sit on the sofa and read until time for bed. Sleep right through the night and wake up a little fearfully, but semi-normal transmission has been resumed and I manage to get going by 12.

I’m taking it as just a blip, the previous three days felt great and I didn’t feel as though I was overdoing it at all. An occasional terrible day is manageable, it’s just now knowing when, or indeed if, you’re getting plugged back into the mains that is scary.

But today I did a bit of shopping and then sat in the garden in the sunshine and read the paper. Felt wonderful to be able to take my coat off and do the crossword. A man was walking a hawk round the garden to frighten off the pigeons.

The bright yellow crocuses were poking out of the grass, spring has arrived with all the hope that brings.


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