Relish the details

Today was a day savouring the details of life. The daffodils and florentines that a friend brought round yesterday – see pic below. Daffodils are filling the kitchen with yellow light and that tremendous aroma of spring. The florentines come second only to dark chocolate in my list of ideal food treats.

Spring comes with its own sadness of course, my brother rang last night to say that the bulbs I planted for Mum a couple of years ago in huge, great grey pots were coming up. Delighted and sad that Mum will never see them now and that I planted them with optimism and they are still flowering despite everything, which is some consolation.

The sunshine has a magical effect on Londoners, they suddenly transform into daring versions of themselves. A woman balances on two metal bollards to get full sunshine. I’m admiring her athleticism when the man next to me on the bus, also armed with a stick says,’ Long time since I could do that.’ Me too mate.

I do manage to lean against a bollard to take full advantage of the sun while waiting for a pal. We go to see ‘Lion’ which is a bit ‘meh’. The usher warns us to get the tissues out, but despite the beautiful filming and touching story, I’m always aware I’m watching a film, so no blubbing from me.

On the bus home I get into conversation with two elderly Americans who are the best of their country; softly spoken, cultured, witty, kind. They’ve been to a dozen plays while here and are now taking their grandchildren around. They’re horrified by the current politics in their country and ask me how I feel about Brexit. Equally horrified of course and I tell them that many people in this country love the USA. ‘Oh we love your country too,’ says the elderly gent.

Small flickers of light that hold the darkness at bay.



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