Sleep part two

Nothing is ever simple is it? I called the chemist to make sure my prescription had come through, but no. So another terrible night’s sleep in prospect, which I can’t face. A flurry of calls between the chemist and the receptionist at the GP, both of whom are extremely helpful. Turns out the GP has been extremely busy and simply hasn’t had time to do the necessary.

But it’s approaching 6pm when the chemist closes and that means another night of no sleep and I’m not sure my body can cope. Finally the very kind receptionist makes it her job to make sure the GP signs the electronic prescription between a long patient list (she’s still seeing patients having started at 8am and will go on till 6.30, who says Gps are lazy?)

I look out of the window at a sudden burst of yellow light on the trees, quite astonishing. Two minutes later a rainbow – I take both as a good sign. Sure enough at 5.55 I get to the chemist and the prescription is there. I think about kissing her hand in gratitude, but realise they might actually section me.

Do a quick bit of shopping and then can’t get my key in the door of the block where I live. Takes me several minutes to realise I’m so tired, I’m trying to get into another building two doors down.

So see you on the other side of the first proper sleep since Wednesday.


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