To sleep, perchance to dream

So I’ve been quietly going mad again with sleep deprivation. My lovely GP was concerned last week that I had been on the current tablets too long and we discussed changing to another drug. First night of waking every hour, I put down to the change in prescription, by the second night I was also having bad side effects which I won’t trouble you with now.

Having talked to the GP, she suggested stopping and waiting to see how I felt today. I did stop, the side effects stopped but I had two more nights of terrible sleep. Waking up every hour, watching the clock change, desperately tired.

I spoke to her again today and we are going back to the old drugs. I don’t think I’m addicted to them, they just seem to work and give me a good night’s sleep which is what I desperately need. But to be honest even if I am addicted, so what at this point? Not the GP’s fault at all, she couldn’t be more supportive.

Tests at the hospital again yesterday and I see the big cheese on Wednesday. This is all hard enough without prolonged sleep deprivation, which does feel like a form of torture.

Just off to the pharmacist to collect my old friend and fingers crossed I get a decent night tonight.


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