Retune the static

Occasionally I just need to turn the world off and retune, like my grandfather’s old radio that required the precise tuning of a safe robber to avoid the static. Feels like my head is full of static and the only remedy for that is rest and sleep.

So I wake up at 9.30, text my guard that I’m fine, have some breakfast and take my meds and then go back to bed, read a bit and then the luxury of more sleep. The meds mean I’m getting 9 hours again, which is simply wonderful, but I haven’t caught up the missed nights yet. And the emotionally draining last few days, with tests and visits to hospital. I don’t tend to feel terribly anxious beforehand, pretty calm in fact. But I do get the blowback afterwards.

I wake at 3 after deep sleep and look at my emails and sort a few things out, make some calls.  I have to go out for a while around 6.30 to help with a sports club which runs every Friday for young disadvantaged children. No matter how bleak the day, or the weather outside, the raw delight and life enthusiasm of the children is always energising.

Then home for some more detective stories. A quiet day of a good life.



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