A busy day for a change

Busy day for me today. Made it to Church, then Skyped Mum, whose main news was that she had enjoyed some prawn crackers (she’s a real lesson in the sacrament of the present moment). Then off to chair a Lenten talk in North London which would normally mean two tube changes. I’d worked out the route with least steps, came out of the house and it began to pour with rain and then hail.

So cab for me to the second tube station. Out of the blue the cab driver asks me what I’m giving up for Lent and we then get into a complex and very enjoyable theological discussion. Rain pouring down at the other end too, so I try and dry out in a cafe. An astonishing ninety three people turn up to the talk and there are great questions.

A kind man drives us back to the station as it’s tipping it down again. I’ve worked out another route home that has one change and lifts to the street. But what they don’t tell you is that the change involves a ten minute walk down endless corridors to the lifts, with people tutting behind me. I manage not to growl, but do they honestly think I would walk this slowly if I had any choice in the matter?

The second cab driver tells me he never watches the Uk news as it’s so biased, he prefers Russia Today. Not often I’m lost for words. We then talk about detective stories, turns out his wife is as keen on them as I am and sanity is restored.

I’d made double rations of healthy food yesterday, knowing I wouldn’t want to cook and expecting to be exhausted. Turns out though that I feel quite energised at being out in the world and contributing.

Two hours later and I’m still not completely dry.


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