Stamina and resilience

Been a while since my last blog as I’ve been busy. You might want to read that last word again. Busy doesn’t really appear in my vocabulary much anymore – since my illness, a busy day is when I get the paper and go to see a film.

But these last couple of weeks I’ve been helping to organise some Lenten talks in five different parishes, with five different speakers and chairing two lots of talks. I’ve enjoyed an echo of my old life immensely, but it is just an echo. Travelling to the other side of London now requires careful planning, trying to change via stations that have lifts, taking cabs when it’s pouring with rain, rather than making a dash for it.

I’ve met some great cab drivers, who are very helpful and chatty, ranged from quite profound theological (not instigated by me) discussions, to how best to souse fish.

And the talks themselves have been well-attended and given rise to great discussions.

Much as I love revisiting an echo of the old life when I was busy all the time with various projects, I don’t have the bounce anymore. A long, busy day with travelling means a lot of rest the next day. The stamina and resilience are increasing, slowly but surely. Just not to the same level as before.

But even an echo of the old life is very welcome.




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