The sandwich generation

We’re in that stage of life sandwiched between parents needing more care and children needing support as they fly the nest. Both my siblings have in-laws who are very seriously ill in hospital. They are part of our extended family and we remember happy times with them and how hard it is to get through this stage.

And then the news that Mum has had a fall in the nursing home; thankfully not serious, she somehow managed to slip out of her wheelchair and grazed her skin badly. That in itself is a cause for concern, as her skin is paper thin and takes weeks and weeks to knit together.

Long distance caring is hard, two of us don’t live near our parents. But even close proximity doesn’t really help at this time of life, it just means you can get there more quickly.

Text from my nephew and niece who are getting on with their lives – just as it should be.  I’ve noticed that the young don’t answer emails anymore, but they will answer a text immediately, so although we don’t see each other very often, we manage to keep up with the highlights and difficulties.

Out shopping yesterday and had a surreal moment on the way home. The trolley was full and heavy and it was only when I got indoors that I noticed the bananas were missing. Looked out of the front door and they had fallen out further down the street. Two police officers were  ahead of me and came to the bananas, looked down and carefully walked around them.

Nothing to see here, move along.


One thought on “The sandwich generation

  1. Good to read blogs again. Hope your Mum is healing. Another worry. Re. bananas – I can always be your shopping buddy…


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