Crowds and people

A trip on the tube to the other side of London. I’m astonished at the numbers of people hanging about outside Westminster station, taking selfies against the backdrop of Big Ben. Or just lurking about, deciding where to go.

When your mobility is compromised and you walk with a stick, crowds of people are difficult. I can no longer turn on a sixpence as I used to and am likely to fall if I’m unbalanced. So being faced with a crowd and trying to weave in and out of them is disturbing. I keep my eyes on their feet as that’s the best way of predicting which way they will move. Plus lots of ‘excuse me, excuse me.’

And then taking the lifts down to the platform, a delightful family crowd in and remind me that each person in that crowd is an individual, doing their best, trying to look after their children, finding their way in a foreign city.

People not a crowd.


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