Normal everyday tasks

Just spent a fruitful half hour wrestling with changing my sheets and duvet. I normally wait until a friend comes to dinner so we can share the challenge, but felt like changing them myself today. Odd how the tasks that used to take a few minutes now represent a small hill to climb.

I pick a duvet cover that has come from Mum’s; it has a cheerful seventies design and a zip rather than poppers. It’s lasted amazingly well, as have the red and white checked serviettes from my French grandmother, who bought them from a catalogue in the sixties. They’ve been in daily use ever since and show no signs of giving up the ghost.

Also went out to do a mega shop as I seemed to have no fruit or veg or anything much worth eating. On the way there, the wheels fell off my trolley. I know how you feel mate. Simple task to latch them back on again, but not quite so easy on a traffic island in the middle of the road, holding my stick for balance.

Since I’ve lost my appetite, I try and trick myself by buying anything that takes my fancy – so today included smoked salmon, ham and beef slices, Greek yoghurt, spinach, liver, potatoes, carrots, watercress and some seedy bread. I need to remind my self to eat and cook properly as my old appetite clock no longer works. One of the many sadnesses of the current life.

I have a pile of books to get through from the library and donated by passing friends and lots of radio to catch up with, so a delightful evening ahead. Including liver, carrot and potato mash and spinach.


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