Monday again

Wake up to another Monday, the hardest day of the week when your life has changed so significantly. Limbs are leaden, mindset is ‘what’s the point’, the days of the week stretch endlessly ahead and not in a good way.

Normally a cultural outing with a pal helps, but a couple of meetings this afternoon instead.

So blackmail myself out of bed with promise of a decent breakfast, then go through the motions of a normal day – shower and get dressed, take meds, tidy up a bit for meetings. Then out to get paper and do some shopping, get some air and be in the world.

Bump into someone I know on way to supermarket and we go and have a coffee, which helps. She sweetly asks how I am and rather than give her both barrels of misery, I say Mondays are hard, but they get better as the day goes on.  Then shopping for dessert I’m making for dinner invitation tomorrow.

Make it to lunch time and under the new regime, force myself to eat a sandwich. No appetite these days but important to keep the nutrition coming. I’ve got a grilled mackerel waiting for me this evening with watercress salad.

Twenty minutes with the crossword and a semblance of normal transmission is restored. It’s life Jim, but not as we knew it.


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