Self misery train has left the station

Unfortunately it’s taken my marbles with it. Yesterday’s dark clouds have cleared as they always, eventually do, but hard to remember when you’re enveloped in darkness.

Woke up today convinced I was meeting my Monday cultural pal to go to cinema, so booked the tickets. Just time to go to the library first and get some more reading for Easter.

A knock at the door and it’s the cleaner from next door’s flat. The wonderful ninety-six year old died last month and the cleaner is still looking after the flat, but doesn’t like to go into the bedroom where the woman died, on her own. So I go and keep her company and the room is full of light and sunshine, just as my neighbour was. We have a coffee and reminisce about what a great character she was, how she loved flowers. There are still flowers round the flat and the cleaner cuts one marvellous one for me (see below).

Off to the library and meet another local cleaner who has very bad knee trouble. I do too and we have rather bonded over the state of our joints. He’s waiting for an op and in a lot of pain and we discuss the merry-go-round of exercise, pain and rest.

On the way to the library a friend calls to ask me where I am, as I’m supposed to be meeting her to go to a lunchtime concert. It’s Tuesday! And it had completely slipped my mind. Cinema is tomorrow.

I recalibrate what passes for my mind these days….




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