Time not waiting

Back down to see Mum in her nursing home for a few days whch means an early start for me. I’m on half speed most mornings, not turning into a recognisably functioning human being until well past midday, so getting myself ready to catch a 10.30 train is a whole new kettle of fish.

It’s hard to remember that I inhabit a new life where things take five times as long as they used to before I was ill. So I leave myself 45 minutes from opening my eyes to leaving the house and discover that time has shrunk to not fit. That used to be plenty of time ‘before’, but now involves speed breakfast, shower, packing and  just making it out on time.

One of the many, many ‘grrs’ of my new life is that I can no longer buy a coffee to drink on the train. Stick in one hand, suitcase in the other, you do the maths. Also realised today that my vocabulary has changed : I no longer jump in a cab, hop on a bus or pop out for a paper.

But I can still do a mean crossword.


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