Coconut oil

I came late to the coconut oil party, but like all converts I’m in danger of teetering into the evangelical. My pal cooked with it in Cyprus, giving the food that extra delicious je ne sais quoi. She also added a little to her coffee (sounds vile, tastes wonderful) and I’ve taken up the habit, makes the coffee more digestible apparently. No alternative eater worth their carefully sourced and home-flaked salt would be without a pot in their bag.

Setting out with near missionary zeal, I find that others have got there before me. This young person uses it to make her hair shiny, that friend gargles with it to whiten her teeth. In the street today I passed a chic young woman who clearly bathes in the stuff. An agreeable waft swam in her wake.

Move over avocado, the white gold reigns supreme.


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