On the road again

Off to Paris for a few days for work and it’s remarkable how quickly the old habits return. I travelled all the time for work in the past and I click back into the efficient list of hotel, passport, money, connections, research for lectures etc.

The difference now is that I have to allow myself a lot more time than I used to and no more braving the metro and its long tunnels and endless steps. Taxis for me these days, which means I get to see the city I lived in so happily as I whizz through town. Plus the delight of speaking French all weekend.

I miss that world of work terribly so it’s heartening to dip my toes back in the water, especially doing something I’m really good at.

To Tesco for some supplies, the fridges aren’t working and there are notices everywhere apologising. Each one stuffed to the gills with spelling mistakes and a liberal sprinkling of inappropriate apostrophes. Where’s my red pen when I need it?

Zut alors!


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