Emerging from hibernation

So the antibiotics are doing their stuff and am no longer coughing so much or sleeping almost all the time. Even went out to buy a paper this morning – when did everyone start walking and talking so fast?

A mountain of paperwork on my desk, quite satisfying to start dealing with it. As ever very tempting to go from neutral to fifth gear straight away, but I know from past experience that I need to poodle along in first for a bit.

Yet another odd thing about serious illness is that of anything else that you catch. Not only am I more vulnerable physically to any passing germ but I’m psychologically more vulnerable too. So my immune system is banjaxed and everything I catch hits me harder than it used to and takes longer to recover from. And my psychological immune system takes a battering too – so just having a normal illness like a bad chest infection seems to herald the beginning of the final lap. GP taking it all so seriously showed she’s aware that the mileage on the clock is ticking over.

But it turns out it wasn’t the opening chords of the last trumpet after all.


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