Great expectations (2)

It’s my birthday today and it has been a wonderful day. Got up and had breakfast and went back to sleep for a couple of hours before heading off for a massage. I go there regularly  and today had someone I’d not had before, a small delicate looking man. Turned out he had fingers made of steel and found every knot and twist in my shoulders and spine. I was so entranced that he had to say ‘hello’ twice to bring me back again.

Then a quick trip to a bookshop – emerging with only one book which is a record. Followed by a trip to a local cake shop for a blueberry brioche with the crossword. Looking forward to doing a bit of writing with a new gel pen and book a friend kindly gave me.

So a pretty much perfect day.

The odd thing is most people feel the need to ‘celebrate’ and if they know it’s my birthday, seem to think I should be doing more. Maybe involving balloons. So they ask me what I’m going to do. I find it easier to lie these days – meeting friends, going out later etc.

The real answer that I’m delighted to spend a whole day in my own company, thinking about the year that’s gone and the year ahead, seems to mystify many people.

One of the advantages of serious illness is that it allows you to do away with conventional manners. Just move along, nothing to see here but someone enjoying herself.


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